Outdoor Lighting Sequencers On Display

Video Clips

These are video clips of actual displays set up and running, which demonstrate several different custom programs.






These are photographs which have been digitally animated to demonstrate what is possible using the LS647 controllers.

Several Animated Arches of Snowflakes:
Chase Style 1
Chase Style 2
Chase Style 3
Chase Style 4

More on Bright Nights

* Since 1998, the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce has hosted an annual fund raising initiative for children known as "Brightnights!"
* Brightnights is the largest drive-through Christmas light theme park event in Canada, lighting up the sky in beautiful Hawrelak Park annually for 45 days from late November to early January.
* Crowds were so huge in the initial year they caused massive traffic jams on the roads leading up to Hawrelak Park.
* Brightnights contains over 375 animated and static light displays, some of which are over 25' tall.
* The traditional Christmas scenes are all there, along with visits to the magical world of fairytales, forests and fantasies.
* Lights are used as the artistic medium to create larger than life works of art celebrating the Christmas season.
* All animated displays are controlled using dependable lighting sequencers built by Trinity Electronics.

Here are some photographs of outdoor Christmas displays which are animated by control systems designed & built by Trinity Electronics.